A Beginner's Guide to Online Marketing

A Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

Online marketing uses the internet to promote your businesses products or services in order to increase your customer base.  This type of marketing isn’t just for ecommerce anymore every business needs to use online marketing if they want their business to succeed.  You may not be selling anything online but tools like search engine optimization are still needed to help your brick and mortar business to bring in clients.

The scope of online marketing is pretty wide and it includes things like search engine marketing, PPC (pay per click), and social media campaigns.  Here is a beginner’s guide to online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO aims to make your local business rank higher on various search engines.  When someone does a search for your product or services the higher your business is on the results page the better it is for you.  Most people will choose one of the top three results so it is important for your business to be there. SEO can make a business a LOT of money when you rank well.  For example, Law Firm SEO makes lawyers BILLIONS of dollars every year.  A firm in a big city that ranks well can make tens of millions of dollars per year off of one website ranking well in Google!

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a very effective method for generating instant traffic to your website or to your business and if done effectively it can bring you plenty of customers.  PPC campaigns are where you bid on keywords that people use to search for your goods or services.  The cost of the campaign will depend greatly on the competitiveness of the keywords.  There are keywords that run for more than $100 for every click while others can be as little as $.01.  Here is a video explaining how PPC marketing works.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is fairly new in the marketing game but the ROI can be tremendous.  Using platforms like Facebook and Twitter gives you the ability to connect directly with your audience.  Social media can help you build your brand, show your products to customers, interact with customers and attract more buyers.  Social media is a way of life and if you’re business isn’t there you will be left behind.

Email Marketing

This was one of the earliest forms of digital marketing and it is the sending of target and personal messages to those who have subscribed to your email list.  Email is still a valuable way of staying in touch with your customers and it allows you to make them aware of new blog posts, as well as promote new offers or products.

Having a better understanding of online marketing in its various forms can help you put together a workable plan to promote your local business.  Online marketing has become the backbone of small business marketing with having a better ROI than traditional methods have had in the past.