Creative Ways to Promote Your Business

Creative Ways to Promote Your Business

Most business owners have a desire to make a difference to their customers with the products and services that they offer, but struggle with the sales and marketing portion of running a business.  Even if marketing was part of your job with another organizations marketing your own business comes with a whole other level of stress.  Here are some creative ways to market your business.

Milk your contact list

When you first start out the hardest part is to get some clients, sit down and make a list of people you have made both socially and through professional connections.  You know far more people than you think that you do.  There are probably more than 100 people that you can let know that your new business is up and running.

Networking events

There are opportunities to network just about everywhere.  Sometimes there are structured networking groups like Meetup, BNI or your local Chamber of Commerce other times you have groups that are less formal.  There are also professional associations where you can connect with other business owners.  Networking groups work best when your business caters to other businesses.


Creating a blog and writing posts for your business is a great way to connect with your audience.  Blogging along with writing for local paper, magazines and professional journals gives you a much wider audience to introduce yourself and your business.  Writing is now easier than ever and many publications have forms for submitting articles directly online.

Public Speaking

If you are in any type of service industry such as law, accounting or coaching just to name a few then public speaking can be cost effective and an efficient way to market your business.  Yes it will require some organizing putting an event together but you can do it often.  The idea of public speaking may scare you to death but it is a skill that will serve you well in the future.  If public speaking is simply too terrifying a prospect then you might want to try a podcast instead.

Creative Business Signs

When people drive by an interesting or creative sign, it helps the business that put up the sign.  There are many competing things to our attention span, so just getting any custom business sign won’t do.  We recommend checking out Dallas sign companies to get help in the DFW metroplex (or within Texas) with your signs.

Trade shows

Trade shows can be expensive but they can be well worth the investment and these are great for product based businesses.  If you have a service based business you don’t have to invest tons of money in setting up a booth and putting together an exhibit, you can show up as a visitor with some business cards and make some connections.

You have lots of options when you start your marketing campaign and don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box.  Start with at least three different channels that you’re comfortable with and grow from there.  Look for what will have the biggest impact on your business while costing you the least amount of money.